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I am currently employed as a developer that doubles as a Database Administrator and web site designer. I have been working on computers for around 25 years now, starting with Apple IIs and Commodore 64s. I now have experience with all versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office suites as well as Visual Basic 6 and .Net up to 2010. I have created many web pages for my Intranet for many different Customers utilizing HTML, Javascript, ASP, PHP and ASP.net. I have also created many applications making use of Visual Basic from version 6 through 2010, some have even earneded me awards for increasing productivity.

My Company

I am just beginning to provide my services and abilities to people that are not in my immediate family or co-workers. I have been providing these same services to my friends and family for many years, and have become the one person that they can all turn to for help when they need it. I look forward to providing that service to You as well.

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