Visual List Help

I hope there is not much need for much help, I have tried to make it as simple as possible.

Lists Page

There are Lists and Items, a List holds items and items are the actual Pictures and information on the individual item. There is a special List called Shopping List, and is created automatically and cannot be removed although items can be removed from it. The Shopping List can have items copied into it from any other list, while keeping it in the other list. The lists can be customized by changing the color of the text, the fill color, the border color, and the border style. If you create a list and then later want to modify it just click Edit List on the Items page. Clicking a list takes you to the Items page and shows you all of the items in that list. There is also a search function that will find a list by name if needed.

Items Page

On the Items page, clicking an Item will take you to a larger version of the Item. You can also add items, by clicking the Plus icon at the bottom, which brings up a page that allows you to enter the information for the item as well as take a picture of it, be sure to save it. If you want to delete the entire list, just click the Trash Can icon at the bottom, WARNING all of the items and pictures will be lost. The Items page also will allow you to pin the List to the Start Page. Pinning the List to the Start Page will take the background color of the List and create a Tile with that color, to help differentiate the lists.

Details Page

On the Details page you will be able to make changes to the item as well as change the picture, by clicking the Change Picture button, be sure to save it. You can also click the picture which will bring up a bigger picture that is zoomable, to see the detail of the item. You can also delete the individual item by clicking the Trash Can icon at the bottom. You can also copy this item to the shopping list by clicking the Plus Sign icon at the bottom, which takes a snapshot of the item and copies it over to the Shopping List.

Removing Ads

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Future Enhancements

I am working on making it able to do backups and recover from them, as well as putting a copy on OneDrive. I am also going to add checkboxes to the Shopping List and maybe the others, I just have not figured it out yet. If you have any ideas that you want please let me know.

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