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About Me

I am hometownnerd, and have been using that name for well over 15 years, and am a hobbyist developer that has been developing for Windows for 25 years now. I am not well trained in how to make apps look good but I can make them do a lot of different things.

About the App

I created this app since I noticed a missing genre of apps for Windows Phones, lists of things that were based on pictures. This app helps you to keep a handle on all of the things that you may like or want or need to keep track of in a visual way. Maybe you like a certain Medicine and want to remember it on sight, or maybe you want to create a Christmas list for you or someone else and use pictures to do it, or maybe you like a certain cologne or perfume and it would really help to see an image of the bottle when you are shopping just to be sure. This app is for you, it allows you to have lists of items so you can keep them somewhat organized, and it allows you to take down some information for the items, like maybe where it was bought or colors or whatever else you may want to keep track of about it. I have also built a zoom feature if you click the picture on the details section. I have also made it so you can pin each of the lists to your start screen, be careful of your fill color when you pin some colors do not work well on the start screen, like white or black background, since I use your background color as the icon color. It also has a search function so you can search all of that information. I have also made it so you can customize the lists by changing the color of the text or the fill color or the border color, as well as if you want square or rounded corners. I have spent a good deal of time making this and if you notice some issues or some things you may want changed, let me know. I will try to make changes as they are found and needed.

Removing Ads

If you do not want the ads I did make a paid version which removes the ads for you and only costs 99 cents, Just go here

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