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What seperates me from most other Companies that provide the same services, I have been helping many people with little or no technical background accomplish what they believed was impossible, not just by doing the work for them but also by empowering them to do it as well. You can only learn how by actually doing it, so that is how I teach. 
I offer many services, many require you to be located relatively close to me, but I am very flexible and willing to help however I can. My rates are also very reasonable, I do not have the overhead that many companies have so I can keep my rates LOW.
Many of the services I offer are included below, but, like I said I am very flexible, if you need something done you do not see listed contact me and we can talk it over.
Services I provide:
-- Installing and configuring computer systems 
-- Hardware Upgrades (this includes any and all upgrades, including Memory, CPUs, Motherboards, as well as all other peripherals) 
-- Install and Configure computer software (this includes Windows Operating systems)
-- Web site design and creation (HTML, Javascript, and Active Server Pages)
-- Computer programming (Visual Basic is my language of choice)
-- Training and general assistance
Sample Website (Photo Gallery)
Sample Website (Database access with AJAX and live updates)
Sample Application Postage Calculator (May require Visual Basic 6 runtimes)